Saturday, May 21, 2016

Block 21: Haystack Block (Making Hay)

The haystack block was just a matter of adding strips to an ever-increasing center. I didn't like all of the fabrics that were in the "kit" I made earlier, so I replaced a few.
I have to decide whether to put in the quilt with the longest strips horizontal or vertical.
I'll probably make the final decision when I know where it ends up in the quilt and what's around it.

This block was proof that my seams are a little big. I stitched by hand and made sure to stitch inside the marked quarter-inch line, but apparently I need to adjust. You can see that it pulls in where there are more seams and every time I added a strip, I had to stretch it a bit to make it fit.
I pressed the first two seams open so the centre is nice and flat. After that, though, it made more sense to press the to the newly-added strip of fabric with no seams in it.

Here is a look at all of the blocks so far.
Here is Kim's block:
She went with mostly oranges and yellows since it's a Haystack Block. :)

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