Saturday, May 9, 2015

Half Way Sewn

Only one picture today:

But don't be deceived by your first glance...the quilt top isn't done yet. And don't get me wrong...I'm still pleased to be this far!

I could lay out most of the quilt on my bed, but couldn't quite get the edges so that made laying it out more difficult. I was also surprised by just how hard it is to lay out a design that must be sewn diagonally but has a horizontal pattern. So yes, I laid it out an extra time or two to make sure I had it right. And I hung it up and took a picture so I could stand back and check it again.

The reason the quilt top can hang even though it is only half sewn together is because I tried a new way of assembling the top. I sewed all the seams going in the same direction, but I didn't cut the threads when I went from one block to the next. So now the blocks are held together in their proper places and I should be able to easily sew the seams in the other directions without having to lay it out again and again.

I had read about this method but not tried it yet. So far, it makes a lot more sense for the sewing, but makes it take quite a bit longer and more fiddly to press the seams. I'll probably decide on future quilts based on my mood at the time.

But the best news of all is that I have next week off of work and I really, really think I should be able to find the time to sew this top together! wOOt wOOt

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