Friday, December 14, 2012

Squam Joy

I am so excited about going to Squam. It's an art workshop that started in '08 (I think) and I found about last year. I love that they have classes on such a variety of topics (knitting, photography, sewing, basket weaving, weaving, writing, painting, drawing, wood working, embroidery, etc.), and I felt like it would be a place where I could explore some other creative endeavours that I'm not so good at.

I wanted to go last year, but it was scheduled the same week I was already going to New York City. (Ok, I know, cry me a river over that one.) And the fall sessions were in the fall...when I would be lucky to get off of work if I were having open heart surgery. So I hoped for this year...

They announced the schedule and classes yesterday and I am so on board. This year they are trying something new: you can preregister for $50. I was hemming and hawing about the extra cost and Troy looked at me like I was crazy and told me to register. Like now. So after consulting my boss today and making him feel like he had a choice* I am pre-registered. You are not allowed to send in your registration until January 2 so that will give me some time to consider what classes I want to try for.

After drooling over them all last night, I am slowly coming to the sad realization that I will miss a lot more that I want to take than I will be able to attend. Scheduling conflicts and lack of time. Sad. But on the plus side, the very reason I can't take a lot of classes (they are long in-depth classes--6 hours most of them) should make the classes I do attend very good!

Then there is the larger effect of Squam. Apparently you don't come home the same person and will have made friends for life. We'll see. (Don't get me wrong--I'll be friendly, I promise!) Accommodations are (unheated) cabins in a camp on the side of Squam Lake. Buffet meals included. Which means once I get there, I don't have to leave. Just my style.

Now I just have to start plotting a fabulous Squam sweater (or two)...

*The issue with taking time off then is that the first day of the conference happens to be the day our haunted house is giving a rare tour to busloads of haunt enthusiasts. It is a huge deal. But my logic was that most of the work will already be done by then, and I have a great part-time coworker who will cover for me. Apparently I was convincing. The fact that that day also happens to be my birthday and I am getting my way is purely happy coincidence!

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