Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Out of Season Gift

Project Stats
: 11 Dec '12
Finished: 18 Dec '12
Pattern: The SkullKerchief by Knitty Or Nice (free)
Materials: 40 g each of Caron Simply Soft in white and black ($6.58)
I didn't make many gifts this year, but I have one I can show you today. The person it's for isn't really a blog reader, so I think I'm pretty safe in revealing it even through it hasn't been given yet.

I saw this pattern for a SkullKerchief and couldn't resist! What's a SkullKerchief, you ask? Well, when worn down, it looks like a generic black and while scarf:
 But when you pull it up over your nose, look what you get:
Isn't that great!! One person on Ravelery went so far as to make a matching hat with the top of the skull on it, and I was really tempted (like really, really tempted), but I have resisted (so far).

I double knit the project so (like the Skull hat) it would be warmer and have no long floats on the back.

I knit it from the bottom (point) up, and finished with a Kitchener cast off (above). Since the pattern changes colour, I had to switch colours a couple times in the bind off to match. I pulled harder than usual on the tension to make sure the top wasn't too loose, but I think it still may benefit from an elastic through the top. We'll see how it fits the recipient.

The pattern calls for you to knit in some button holes and then to sew buttons on the other side to fasten it. But I think doing up buttons behind your head is a pain in the butt, so I sewed the seam shut at the back.
And since I can't resist, I have to show you the same thing on the other side too:
I made it out of acrylic, in part because it's a gift and many people can't wear wool (especially around their neck and face) and also because it's hard to get a true white and true black in wool. I wanted a lot of contrast on this one. I have plenty left over, so maybe the hat will come next year...

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  1. THIS is my favorite version of the skullkerchief i've seen so far! I love your mods and i love that it's double knit. This made my night. Thank you!

    Knitty or Nice


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