Thursday, February 23, 2012

Troy's Lined Hat

Since I first mentioned the hat I was making for Troy, I have quietly worked on it in between other projects. Troy was a little anxious to have it, but since the winter's been quite mild and snow-free, I did not feel any special pressure to get it done.

The knitting was fairly straight forward. I kept the shaping very basic and had Troy try it on as I went. Once it was long enough to cover his forehead, I cast off the front stitches and knit the back a little longer. (About four rows as I recall, so a short inch, I'd say.)

The hat is knitted but no lining yet.
Doesn't it look like he has cute black curls?
I kept 13 stitches on the needles for each ear flap and knit them long enough to reach under his chin. When it was all done, I crocheted around the edges with one row of single crochet. This should have finished the edges and kept them from curling and I couldn't figure out why they still curled. Too late I realized that if I had used a smaller crochet hook, this probably would have done it. Lesson learned. (The real lesson is to get up and find the right tool and not to just use whatever crochet hook is available in your bag right beside you. It's very easy to convince yourself that it is the right size when the alternative is to get off your butt and look for other possibilities. At least, that is my experience.)

Once it was knit, it sat around until I could find a suitable sweater to felt (and felt like felting it). Once that was accomplished, I cut it to shape and approximate size:
As with my Subway hat, I used the ribbing as the lower edge. The above shape was cut for the main part of the hat and then I cut separate flaps for the ears:
I pinned the edges down and sewed it into place by hand:
Once the edges were affixed, I could worry about the fit of the lining. The crown portion was still unsewn. I put it together and basted it so Troy could try it on:
The lining was too big (too "long" or "tall," not too wide around) so I cut about 3/8" off the length and basted it again. Repeat another time and then I was able to sew it for real:
I think it still may be just a little long but Troy says it fits fine and I really don't want to make it too short. So I am leaving it!
Since the edges were curling out and the lining was showing, I sewed the two layers together about two inches up from the edge. (I think you can just make out the line in the picture above.) I was hoping this would keep the lining in place but it was only moderately successful.

But once again, Troy is happy enough with it and we are calling it done!

If he's feeling especially jaunty, Troy can button the flaps above his head and show off his racy red lining:
He's not likely to do so, however, as he wears hats to keep warm and that has to include his ears.

Project Stats
: 3 Jan '12
Finished: 10 Feb '12
Pattern: improvised
Materials: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solid ($0--a friend's castoff), cashmere sweater to felt (<$5 at Goodwill)
Even though he likes the hat, Troy says that it is not as warm as my Subway hat. He thinks the lining isn't as thick. Although they were both felted cashmere sweaters, now that he mentions it, I think my green one did felt thicker and fuzzier. Apparently now I am charged with making a second one for him. Once again, I'm not really feeling any special pressure. (Sorry, Troy.)

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