Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Preparation for the Big Game (Super Big)

I've written all the news about my Superscarves (and I really hope you watch for them on Sunday!) but I wasn't the only one making them! (Current count is 13,024!) I ran across "GoodnightGram"'s blog, probably from the Superscarf newsletter, but I'm no longer sure. She's has made at least 45 scarves for the project and she has designed some zingers. I had to share! (All pictures are from her blog.)

My favourite is probably the Charlie Brown homage:
Isn't that fantastic!? She added a figure to each end of the scarf.

I heard the following one will be worn by Kelly Clarkson when she sings the anthem:
It's the whole first verse of the anthem charted out in lines of knitting,
each phrase punctuated by a little picture. (Like the setting sun above.) Delightful!

An even more ambitious project was this "uni-scarf" for the Colt's mascot, Blue, to wear at games:
What a mammoth lot of work!!

She took requests for themes, and someone suggested cheerleaders:
She used two full skeins just for the pompoms. Brilliant!

You can see lots more of her projects if you click here and look through the Super scarf posts.

I really admire the work she's done in not only producing so many scarves for the project, but making them so varied and creative. Great work!

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