Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One More Christmas Gift

Here's your warning--if you think you may get a gift from me and haven't yet, this post may be a spoiler for you. Consider yourself duly warned
Now, for the rest of you, I would like to share my Honey Gloves. I made them to match a Honey Cowl that I made last year. I based them on a basic glove pattern from Ravelry but started them above the cuff with a provisional cast on.
Once the gloves were finished to the tips of all the fingers, I took what yarn was left and knit the cuffs down from the cast on. To stretch the yarn a little further (because I was going to run short), I did a two-colour version by alternating each row.

The yarn used on the slip stitch row dominates so I used the main colour. For the alternate rows, I used a purple silk with sequins that I had left over from my Sahara. The effect is pretty subtle but it's a nice extra touch.

I think the gloves turned out pretty well. They are short, which makes them ideal for the long winter coat sleeves with no room for bulky gloves half way up to your elbow. They are also thin enough to not make your hands useless while warm enough to make a difference. What I think of as ideal driving gloves. I hope they work for the recipient!!

Project Stats
: 7 Sep 11
Finished: 26 Sep 11
Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern by Harry Wells (free)
Materials: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (Prune Mix), 1.2 skeins ($6.30)

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