Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Slippers

Still need a Christmas gift? Well, if you have a little car trip ahead of you (where someone else is driving) you may still have time to finish these slippers:
I finished the second one in less than a day, and I don't mean a day where all I did was knit. My best guess would be less than three hours. The socks have a lot going for them as far as speed is concerned: they're worsted weight and short with a fairly simple construction.
I didn't even bother to convert them to toe-up; I just followed the directions. The pattern is a little dense (written in more of a paragraph form than line-by-line), but if you have any experience with socks you shouldn't have any problems.
I made these slippers as a gift and they are a little big on me. I hope the recipient likes them! (I know she likes wearing slippers so it's not a big risk!)

Project Stats
: 8 Dec '11
Finished: 18 Dec '11
Pattern: DROPS 125-15 by DROPS Design (free)
Materials: leftovers of Red Heart Super Saver (66 g)

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