Monday, August 1, 2011

Travel Projects

I brought a few projects with me on a driving trip last week. Most importantly, I got my secret project completely done and it is currently at the fair.

I brought along the red triangle stole and it is getting very near the end. The knitting part anyway, which is good because it's at the point where it is just kind of going on and on and on....

Thankfully, I also threw in some Mini Mochi sock yarn I had bought way back when I went to the Yarn Gourmet for the Super Scarf knit-along in February, my pack of sock needles, and a pattern. It's a good thing because I would have run out of things to do!

It took a couple tries to get the right combination of needle size and number of stitches, but once that was set, two feet flew off the needles. When I had one done past the heel, I put it onto some scrap yarn and made a second one to match.

I had noticed on Ravelry that this yarn didn't stripe quite fast enough for the pattern on the leg to work right. I wanted to follow a couple other people's example of using a second colour.

I thought I might have to buy one skein of black to finish off the socks, but before I did I decided to do some stash diving. When I got to the bottom of one bag, I found this sweater that I had bought to ravel:
It's a Ralph Lauren Polo lambs wool sweater. Or it was. Yesterday I made short work of it and got over 400 grams of usable 2-ply lace (or fingering?) weight wool.
It doesn't feel especially nice by the strand, but the knit garment was so soft. Mmm. I only needed a sleeve for the socks, but I went ahead and did the whole thing so it would be done:
Aren't they pretty all wound up and labeled?

I thought I would need to double it to match the Mochi yarn, but one (2-ply) strand will do. Hurray for me. With the added yarn, my socks will also end up a little longer which is good. I had noticed others that used this yarn had socks that were a little short for my taste.

Tonight I'm sitting at the fair for three hours with nothing more to do but sell raffle tickets. I think there'll be some knitting time!

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