Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday (After a Super Saturday)

In case you live in another country (or under a rock), today is the Superbowl. My Colts aren't in it, but it'll still be fun to see the Packers and Steelers fight it out.

Next year the Superbowl will be in Indianapolis for the first time. (They basically built the new Lucas Oil stadium to get the Superbowl and apparently it worked.) The organizers are letting people who don't live in the area get involved by making scarves they're going to give to all the volunteers. They need 8,000 of them. (I wonder if they heard what happened when the Special Olympics asked for scarves, but that's not my problem...)

They specified very specific colours for the scarves in several brands. I've opted for a special blend made by the Indiana company Alpaca with a Twist in Touchdown White and Touchdown Blue.
Although team logos are not allowed, apparently they had no problem picking the blue and white of the Colts. ;-)

Yesterday the yarn shop, Yarn Gourmet, had a Super scarf knit in/potluck for everyone in the area who is making scarves. Yarn Gourmet is carrying the Cascade brand approved colours. I had a fun time and stayed for knitting, eating and shopping for a couple hours! (I bought some nice Mini Mochi but I'll show you those some time later.)

I've decided to double knit my scarf, spelling out SUPER down one side and BOWL XVLI down the other. Double knit means it'll be two sided, blue background on one side and white on the other.
I finished the R while I was there:
Since white stitches on one side are blue stitches on the other, the letters will be backwards on the back.
I've decided I can live with that. (Lots of scarves have a "right" side and a "wrong" side.)

Here's an extra shot:
See how the blue stitches on the needles proceed from columns of stitches on the scarf? And the white stitches come from nowhere. Well, not really of course--those stitches are from columns of stitches on the reverse side. It's a intriguing spatial puzzle while you're knitting. You have to think in pairs, one stitch from the front, one from the back. And each time you need to change the colour to make a letter, you have to do it on both sides. I find it fun.

I just hope I don't run out of yarn...(Just started and I'm already worried about it!)

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