Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Nervous

Maybe I should say obsessed and nervous.

To start at the beginning, I need to say that I am going to visit my sister in Ottawa next month. Besides being the capital of Canada, Ottawa is the greatest city ever because they have 7-8 km ice rink! The city clears and maintains one of their canals for skating every winter. It's awesome. (Have you ever seen people skating to their downtown office for work in the morning? I'm telling you, it's awesome.)

Anyway, I was picturing myself skating on this amazing rink wearing my Whistler sweater. I was thinking of how amazing it would be skating on the amazing rink wearing my amazing sweater in that amazing city. Well, get the idea.

And then it occurred to me that something amazing was missing from this picture: an amazing matching hat!

So I started the hat with a deadline of mid-February. I thought it might be a challenge but I wanted to do it, to try to do it.

I began with the Turkish cast on:
See the contrasting yellow yarn I cast on around?
It is getting easier and more natural every time. It helps that I did it on my favourite straight bamboos instead of some dpns in the round. The effect was well worth it in this case as the cast on edge is folded under for a hem and needs to be stretchy.

Once I got started, there was no stopping me. I got quite obsessed and have been working on it quite a bit. It has been very reminiscent of working on the sweater but much, much faster!
The only problem is that this,
is all I have left of the "natural." I am nervous about running out.

Running out would give me a story, though. "I had to buy another ball for just 10 more stitches." And you know I would!

Meanwhile I am living out the old joke: I'm knitting as fast as I can so I can finish before the yarn runs out.

By the way, there's a live webcam on the canal. Look for me on February 19 and 20! (And I will be wearing the Whistler duo!!)

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