Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Sale

Red Purl Holiday Sale
207 N 2nd St, Niles

Sun Nov 22 1-5
Mon Nov 23 noon-7
Fri Nov 27 11-7
Sat Nov 28 10-2
I spent the afternoon helping Amy set up for the sale. There's a lot of good stuff to see!!

There's a whole table of jewellery--necklaces, bracelets, shawl pins--plus some stitch markers and wooden ring holders.
Conveniently set up under the mirror. It's nice when things like that work out! Jewellery needs a mirror. That's a fact.

There are a lot of knitted and crocheted hats. Here are a few of the more "precious" ones:

We went next door and were able to borrow this lady for display. She's wearing a lovely cowl and elegant beret:
She's so mod nouveau. (Ok, ok, I just made that up.) In any case, I love her.

There are some beautiful calligraphy pieces.
And what's that to the far right? Why, that's my Kitchener Stitch photograph...also for sale!

And, of course, we also had some knitted things. This is the "baby" corner:
Bibs, vests, cardigan, jumpers, blankets, and more hats!

I thought the Sahara look pretty good on Amy's mannequin:
There was a perfect necklace to go with it. And then we saw that the shawl was the perfect colour too. Very nice little display. (And the whole outfit could be yours!)

There were also some adult sized things: sweaters, scarves, vests, slippers, mittens...all the usual suspects.

Did I say there was a lot of hats?
We also did up the front window. Out with the spider web and in with Mary Ann's sleigh:
We filled the sleigh with gifts wrapped in yarn and with Amy's peculiar people. They normal reign on the couch but thought they would like a ride in a sleigh for a bit.

And who's pulling the sleigh?
Why, Amy's sheep of course!

I hope you'll check it all out for yourself. Local stuff by local people. What more could you ask?

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