Friday, November 27, 2009

Bibs Bibs Bibs

About the time I first heard the idea for the Holiday Sale, I also realized that I had a great-nephew due to arrive soon and I had some responsibility to send a gift! So baby things were on my mind.

I decided bibs were the way to go. (Other great-aunts were taking care of quilts and receiving blankets so I had to go another direction.)

I also thought they would be nice cute items for the sale. And I needed just about any excuse to work with the colours of this Spud and Chloe wool/cotton blend! The colours are gorgeous and it's washable (very important) and should work great for a face wipe after the meal's done.

First up were a few orange bias bibs...same as the pink one done previously for friends.
I was very pleased with the buttons I found to go with. In the same colour family, but still with plenty of contrast.

Next up, I grabbed the pink and changed the pattern to an asymmetrical cable pattern.
It also called for a button finish, but by the time I was making the third I decided to forgo the button and sew the strap to the other side instead.
I also switched it to a mock cable to make it lie a little flatter.

The final set was done in blue (my nephew was expecting a boy, after all).
It's moss stitch (seed stitch, to some) on two and I doubled the stitch on the third. (As I've said before, I can do things twice but by the third one I just can't do it again.)

I had one bonus bib I made out of all the leftover ends. It came out a little shorter than I would have liked, but some people have called my bibs a little large. I guess this one will work for them and for smaller babies. (Who are already eating real food...ok, might be a small niche market there!)

These bibs were great small projects to take along anywhere and get done fast. I hope they will be a nice little useful item for whoever gets to use them!

Pattern links:
Bias bib by Merin McManus Collins
Asymmetrical cable bib by Andrea Pomerantz
Seed stitch bib by Beverly A. Qualheim

Yarn used:
Spud & Chloe Sweater 55% superwash wool / 45% organic cotton
Colours: 7508 (orange), 7512 (pink), and 7510 (blue)

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