Thursday, July 23, 2009


I finished my pioneer socks on the drive up!

And more than finished them, you could say. I had counted (carefully counted, I thought) the rows on the leg of the sock. I was aiming for 80. Around 50, I really felt like I was slogging, but then apparently picked up steam because I ended up with 90 before I knew it.

The dangerous part was that I thought I had counted 80. At least twice. I had just started the top cuff when we stopped for lunch. I decided to re-double count (again) while we were sitting still at the table. That’s when I realized I had done 10 extra rows and my sock was too long.

I guess the moving car, watching Monk on my computer while Troy’s podcast was going, and trying to navigate all while knitting was a little too much for me.

Ten too many rows is pretty easy to fix, though, and I got rid of them. Then worked on the cuff and got them cast off only shortly before Troy wanted me to take over the driving. (Because I really won’t knit and drive.)

They felt great for the few minutes I had them on. More pics and final project stats when I have them blocked.


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