Saturday, July 25, 2009

Keep on Keeping on

We were on the road again today headed to north Missouri. On the way we made a stop at the PaPa Yarn Patch in Sedalia. I caught the store just before closing time and had a nice (if short) time looking around. There was nothing that I had to have, but she had a nice selection, especially of high-quality “novelty” yarns.

I did well on my knitting by finishing two small units today on the road. As a side note, in Missouri, the main highways and gravel side roads are numbered but the secondary highways are named after the alphabet:
When I see a sign like this, I just can’t help but ask, Why not? [You're allowed to groan here.]

Here we are on a Missouri highway; I think it was JJ:
Oh wait, is that a little more blue you ask? Yes it is. I decided I had just enough to try for a smaller size unit with the blue. And I did have just enough with less than 2 inches extra! Woo phew! was today my lucky day!

And riding on that success, I started another unit, medium size in a cheery yellow and orange combination. (Cause if I have to run out of Happy Blue, this is a pretty good substitute.) I was able to get a lot done at a charity auction tonight. We went along with the in-laws, and it turned out there was a good sized pressure canner we were interested in.

Troy scoped it out, liked what he saw, and we were determined to get it. He stayed focused and I kept knitting. The canner came up near the end of the auction and despite some tough competition, we got it! Not a $5 bargain, but a lot less than new.

This means there will be more canning in my future. But hopefully more at a time instead of just more time if I can get both our canners going at once and keep up.

The woman we beat out had a hard time letting go of it. She couldn’t believe we were taking it all the way home, “out of state” as she told Troy’s mom, but in the end she graciously wished us good luck with our canning.

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