Monday, June 29, 2009

Dust off the Argyle

I have been working on my Deep V Argyle vest. With the two-colour stranding, it's not exactly something I can pick up and put down easily. Hence it doesn't make the trip to work with me and get worked on in the drive thru, for example.

My latest plan is to just leave this project on the couch and then when I'm there, I can work on it. To a certain extent, it is working:
I'm just not on the couch nearly as much in the summer as in winter. But you can see that I have a full repeat of the pattern done. (Look for the grey diamond.) The grey has gone from a beautiful shade to a gorgeous shade. (What can I say? I'm in love with this wool.)

The red has not changed much. Or I thought it hadn't. Tonight I was working on it while I was waiting for dinner to cook. (I make it sound like it just cooks itself, don't I? Anyway...) The stitches on the needle and cable kept looking dusty. I wondered just how long it had been sitting on the couch...

But it was true for several rows: the stitches all looked dusty. Then I looked at the ball and noticed that it was the start of the next colour! Ha ha. Look at the center of the red ball up in the pic. The light pink is, in a sense, dusty; and since the light pink is just a little mixed in with the darker red right now, it really makes the whole thing look dusty.

Glad to have gotten to the bottom of that little mystery. (I'd hate to think the solution was to dust more. Housework--bah!)

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