Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Little Something

Phew! I am cranking out the finished projects these days. I did have a lot on the go, so I guess eventually they all have to start getting finished.

These are some toe-up socks I did to try another heel style. It worked ok, but didn't bowl me over with wonderfulness either. Perhaps it was ending up with a sock 1.5 inches too long the first time.
The socks were gifted to my mother this past weekend. [Red Purl] Amy's mother chided me the other day for not making anything for my own dear mother. She was quite appalled when I couldn't think of anything I had made for her [lately]. My mother didn't seem to actually agree, but I thought "What the heck" and made her some socks.

Mom doesn't actually wear socks a lot in the summer, preferring bare feet. But she really liked the socks and thought they would be great for when she visits people, if nothing else. Apparently her hosts are always asking if she's sure she doesn't want any Project Stats
Started: 2 May 09
Finished: 21 May 09
Pattern: free tutorial
Materials: free, Estelle Young Touch Cotton DK, 2 balls
socks/slippers/shoes. I guess not everyone is as comfortable with bare feet as my family is.

The little lace panels I added to the pattern worked out really well. They're just a simple 4 st YO and decrease (K2tog on one side, ssk on the other so they are mirror images). If you get everything lined up, you get diagonal lines of alternating bars and holes. Presto majesto: simple lace.

I did a picot cast off. The cuff was 2x2 ribbing, and while casting off I [K1, K1bl, K1] all in the second knit stitch. (Where K1bl is K1 through the back loop.) Then I slid these three stitches back onto the left needle, where I knit the three stitches together and then cast off like normal. The cast off turned out to be a little tight and I think if I had knit the three stitches separately and cast them off one by one that may have loosened things up. (The instructions I was looking at were a little vague on which they actually intended.)

Live and learn.

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