Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Block 6: Cool Threads

Looks like I did another pinwheel block, doesn't it? But no.
So the title of this post may make it sound like I made some new clothing (cool clothing, at that), but no. That is the title of this week's block--"Cool Threads Block." I would call it a spool block, but the designer has taken the liberty of renaming a few of the blocks.

This one is similar to last week's pinwheel in that it is made up of four identical block done in different colours.

Only after I put the two blocks side by side did I realize that I used the same dark blue and green and have put them opposite each other in both blocks.
I'm sure over the entire quilt, this will not be noticeable or distracting. I did like that I got to use my yellow "button and bows" fabric on this one since buttons, bows and thread go together like peanut butter, jelly and bread.

This is another one I hand stitched. I am surprised how much I am enjoying hand sewing the blocks. I think the most pleasurable part is that it becomes so portable and can be done on my lap while sitting on the couch. Right now I don't seem to be able to clear off even the smallest table space to work on.
You can see that I pressed some of the seams open instead of toward one side. The designer suggests doing that on all the seams in the small blocks. I haven't been doing it where the seams logically lock together, but in this case pressing to one side was no better than pressing it to the other (both sides had seams) and they were being sewn onto a piece with no seams. May as well spread out the bulk instead of clumping it up.

And here are the first six blocks in a mock layout:
Here is Kim's block. Notice all the striped fabrics cleverly used for the "thread."

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