Monday, February 8, 2016

Block 7: Feed and Seed Block

Ok, is that not the cutest bunny in the middle ever!!
And you can see my frolicking elephant "puppies".
I'm not sure how the block name relates to the design, but that's ok. This was an intricate piece of work.

I stitched it by hand again. I had to work around one spot where the designer had you stitch some pieces together and then cut it apart, but with a little finagling I got it done.

The block ended up "mostly" 6 inches. It is not really square and is a bit slanted. I'm thinking of ways to fix this with the sashing because I really don't think these blocks are going to just sew together nicely. Too much variance. But I have a plan cooking on the back burner.
I love that the pink and greens are the same value or tone and blend together a lot. And then the dark blue adds a little punch. I feel like the block would have been more cohesive if I used orange instead of pink because of the orange tone in the background, but I really didn't want it to be too matchy. So pink it was. (And I was dying to use some of that elephant fabric. Did I tell you I bought it in three colours?!)

Here is the mock layout with the additional block:

Here is Kim's block:
I think hers has a little more punch to it all around. Very dramatic.

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