Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skirting the Issue

I have been really enjoying working on my Vogue skirt (introduced in this post). It just goes round and round, and I delight in picking out each stripe. I seldom "get stuck" and seldom doubt my choice. (Except the wide grey stripe at the top. Trying to make myself live with it. Or convince myself it will be covered by whatever I'm wearing on top.) In any case, it's been fun.

It also feels like the stripes should provide me with a calendar/map of all the things I did and places I was when I was working on the skirt:
I know the skirt may look upside down, but it's not. I'm knitting it from the top down,
so the top of the picture is the top of the skirt.
I wish I could say all the labels were accurate, but I'm just not that good. (I did knit at the Harpeth Rising concert, though. I must have been a sight with a big mass of stripes on my lap and an overflowing bag of yarn because a man sat down to my left and said in his best ironic tone, "Gee, it's really too bad you don't know what you're doing..." I thought it was a great opening line.)

Since I first wrote about it, I did buy two more skeins of the Evilla colour-changing yarn, both because they had colours which pop. I went in looking for a cream, but rejected it for the blue of this ball:
and the yellow in this ball:
The purple from this one has also been a good.

The only overall constant of the skirt has been the grey which started light, moved to dark grey and then back through medium to light again. I wanted the skirt to end on dark, and I removed what was left of the the light grey so that I would get to the dark "on time." (Some time before it turned into a floor length skirt!)

I tried it on the other day Red Purl and the women there said I was on the right track. At that point I figured I only had a few more inches to go. I don't think I'll be able to make a final judgment of length, however, until I finish the waist so it can sit where it's going to sit. When I tried it on, there was a 3 to 4 inch range of where the waist might sit. That will make a big difference!

So although I've been knitting on it this week, I have been holding myself back since I know I have to do the waist first. And I haven't had a chance to sit down and tackle that. But I'm starting to get excited because this could very quickly become a "finish."


  1. Major Undertaking.

    Wishing you speedy needles on this wondrous skirt.

    I admire your ambition.

  2. Thanks, Gerry! I used to be intimidated by the thought of a skirt but now I think they are no more work than a sweater and with a lot less shaping and seaming!


  3. I've taken a look at the pattern via your Rav page
    hmmm, I like this skirt. I can see knitting it up in my fingering weight sock yarn.
    How are you going to handle the bindoff? Ripple effect?

    I'm following your progress - for certain.


  4. I think fingering weight sock would work great! I'm planning to finish with about 1.5" of garter, continuing the increases and decreases so it will still be rippled but won't roll.



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