Friday, January 28, 2011

Whistler Hat: Calling on Plan B

I worried about it. And it happened. I ran out of the natural colour.

Now I know I said I would buy another ball no matter how little I needed, but I when I was at the point that I was sure I wouldn't have enough, I couldn't stand the thought of stopping and waiting for more yarn.

So I went to plan B.

I knit as far as I thought I could while still leaving enough yarn to work the remaining stitches in duplicate stitch. It wouldn't be quite the same, but not stringing all the yarn along the back would save a lot of yarn.

This is how much yarn I had left to add all the white stitches left.

This is the hat when I was finished knitting.
You can see that the colourwork stops rather abruptly!

After some work with a needle and about half of the remaining yarn, the hat looked like this:

But I wasn't done yet. The pattern also called for some red patterning, so I added that too:
These were the little details in the sweater that caused all the three-colour stranding that I went on and on about. Should I ever make it again, I'll be duplicate stitching it on the sweater instead.

The hat looks a little rough because it hasn't been blocked yet. I have it soaking now, and will show you the finished project in a little while.

PS: It occurred to me that I ran out of yarn because I used it for those dang Christmas gifts I was complaining about!! They strike again!


  1. Hi Christina,Love your blog. I actually have it as one of my favourites. Glad to hear you are heading to Ottawa.

  2. Hi Lenni. Wow, that is so nice to hear--thank you! Perhaps I will see you? We're doing dinner for Kim's bday Friday night (18th), and as far as I know you are invited. Patricia was making arrangements, but I think Kim might be now. (I'm not very far in the loop!)
    Take care, christina


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