Monday, November 9, 2009

Red Purl Afghan: November Block

Yesterday was my afghan KAL day. I got it started early by knitting the border onto my October block. I felt like enough people had voted in the poll I put up earlier and more than 7 out of 10 voters said: Use the back! So I did.

I got the border knit in some time before and after church and especially while listening to the first half of the Colts game. (Yes, that was me sitting in the parking lot listening to the radio. It made me arrive late to Red Purl, but worth it! Besides, it was warm and sunny and a wonderful afternoon to sit out.)

When I showed up at Red Purl, it was time for the new block. Amy designed the Alternating Broken Cable block:
As Troy noted when I got home, it's sort of like a basketweave because of the alternating blocks of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch, but with the addition of cables.

I got a good portion done at the shop and more at home in the evening. This morning I was knitting some more, thinking I was almost done, when I decided I could be happier with the block. Happier, I thought, if I changed the pattern so that the cables alternated between left and right cables.
Hmm...what do you think? Actually, this is not a poll because the block is already pulled out and reknit
and I'm not going back a second time!

Whereas the cables in the original design form lines that lead up and to the right and sit "on top" of the fabric, my modified design forms lines that go right and left and appear to weave in and out of each other. I had in mind the weaving style that has diagonal pieces as well as the horizontal and vertical ones (right).

I think it works. And even if it doesn't exactly look woven, I think the alternating cables give the block more movement and "excitement" as they say.

Hopefully I will get the block finished up sometime today and the border knit this week. (I can't completely ignore NaKniSweMo and Troy's cable sweater--more on them later. There have been set backs.)

Until then, keep the needles clicking!

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