Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sneak Peek Stitch Tutorial for the RP KAL Afghan

This is finally it: July's my design month for the Red Purl KAL afghan.

We're meeting this Sunday, and I got Amy's permission to give you a sneak peak tutorial of a stitch used in the design. I'm calling it "Wrap3."

I've seen some similar effects done with multiple wraps (wrap the yarn 2 or 3 times around the needle) and then passing the excess wraps over some other stitches, but they usually slant up or down. I wanted something absolutely horizontal, and this is what I came up with:


Getting ready to start:

1. Move yarn between needles to front of work:
2. Slip 3 sts (purlwise):

The third stitch is being slipped.

3. Move yarn between needles to back of work:
4. Slip 3 sts from right needle onto left needle (backwards):

The third stitch is being slipped.

All stitches have been slipped and you are now ready to proceed:
5. Knit three stitches:

The first stitch is being knit.

And so you have a Wrap3:
It is quite important to neither pull the yarn too loose or too tight. (Think like Goldilocks: make it just right.)

On the back of the work, the yarn passes only two stitches and makes a barely noticeable loop:
I will give you another head's up: When purling back on the next row, there will be a sizable gap where you started the Wrap3.
Just purl past it like normal and after one or two rows, you won't even notice it.

If you prefer "moving pictures," I have a video I will post tomorrow assuming I can get a high speed connection somewhere.

I hope this helps all those who are knitting this month's block. If you want to be super-prepared for Sunday you could even practise a time or two on whatever you're knitting now. (Just tink it back out when you're done!) Or whip up a swatch and try it out on that.

And as to my so-called bet with Red Purl Wendy, you may all judge whether this post signifies my loss: was I able to wait and not reveal my design, or did I in fact just blow it and prove myself unable to keep a secret?

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