Saturday, June 6, 2009

Birthday Gift

I normally tell my hubby not to get me a gift for my birthday, but the week before my birthday, I couldn't help but notice that we got an email from "Woolybaabaa" confirming an order. Woolybaabaa, huh? I could only assume that was something for me!

I was polite and didn't open the message. The package arrived two days before my birthday. I couldn't help but notice this either, since I'm the one that gets the mail.

I was polite and didn't open the package. When Troy got home, I politely (and demurely) pointed out that he had gotten some mail. He has a history of not being able to wait to give me gifts, so I was not unreasonable in expecting to maybe get it a little early. But no.

And then the sun rose on my birthday...and still no gift being presented. I grew up opening birthday gifts in the morning before school, but was willing to go along with whatever Troy had planned. I guess I didn't have to rip the package open before going to work.

Then the birthday evening arrived; we had a little party; we sent the guests home: still no present.

We're lying in bed at 11:45, and I (perhaps less politely) reminded Troy that he had 15 minutes to give me my gift on my birthday. He acted surprised, like he hadn't thought of it in days. But with my pointed reminder, he ran downstairs for the package and let me (finally) open it.

It was...(drum roll appropriate here)

The Dale of Norway Commemorative Collection of designs done for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. The book includes five designs which were done for meets at Lake Louise (2001), Notre Dame (2002), Mt Robson (2003), Le Massif (2004) and Whistler (2005), which is the site of events for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The athletes wore the sweaters at press conferences, interviews and special events.

Each design features a matching toque (hat) and most include a headband design as well. Doing the hat first is a great way to check your gauge before you start the sweater.

Dale of Norway is the designer of Scandinavian-style sweaters and supplier of wools for said designs. I had seen the book some months ago and Troy noticed the saved link and took appropriate action. (wink)

The design that first caught my eye was Whistler. It features a large prominent maple leaf in the front. Since getting the book, however, Lake Louise featuring smaller subtler maple leaves looks good too. And Mt Robson is also tempting with its mountain motif cleverly worked into the pattern. It might be good for Troy, since he isn't Canadian and doesn't need to be wearing maple leaves.

I don't have immediate plans to make any of the designs, but oh, it's wonderful to look at the pictures and study the charts and dream of when I can.


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