Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Art from Photographs

I noticed a theme recently of art created from photographs so I thought I'd share some of it.

I took some self-portraits while I was bald; this being one of them:
I found a YouTube channel, davrodigital, of tutorials about photo effects made in Photoshop Elements. I've tried to follow a few of them, with mixed results. Here's a framing effect:
I like this frame a little more:
The picture wasn't perfectly suited to frames because there wasn't enough margin at the top (above my head).

Then I tried a "sketch" effect:
Even following each step, it doesn't come out with the same results as the tutorial, so I'm guessing what kind of photograph you start with makes a big difference. (Like does it have a lot of contrast, or a lot of lines, or whatever.) Or maybe he's not sharing all the secrets to finding the right settings.

Here's a picture I took when I was in Toronto.
Not that great at all.

But it worked pretty well for the "tiny planet" effect:
Fun, right?

This was another portrait I took in the same session:
And look what my friend drew and gave to me to celebrate being done with treatments:
Isn't it fantastic?
I was really touched by the gift.

Finally, my sister commissioned our cousin, artist Karen Rhebregen, to make a portrait of our grandparents in batik.
She created the composition from a couple pictures my sister sent her.
It's wonderful! It was a gift for my mother and proudly hangs in her home.


  1. Very cool techniques, Christina! A little secret: From the title, I was thinking that you might have translated a photo into a quilt.


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