Friday, June 2, 2017

Fix it ? Friday - New Hem

When I wrote about finishing my cotton striped Vogue dress, I mentioned that I didn't like how the hem line pulled in. I thought it was because of the Kitchener seam.

I knew it would be a tedious job, but the other day, I sat down and pulled out all that stitching.
One stitch at a time was removed and the freed live stitch was put onto a needle.

Once they were all on the needle, I bound off:
Once bound off, I sewed the hem down with a herringbone stitch, like I did the facings (no pic).

When done, I had this nice looking hem:
In case it's not clear, in the bottom of the picture (purple)
is the front of the dress. At the top (pink and red) is where
the dress is folded over to show the inside of the dress. The
hem is the bottom stripe of pink that looks different than
the rest of the pink.
Nice looking from the inside, but let's see about the front side...

So here is the original hem:

And here is the new hem:
Wah wah waaaaah, They look the same, don't they!! I've convinced myself the second finish is a little better, but certainly not a lot. It also improved the look of the hem at the side seams, but they're still a little wonky too.

BUT, I am still satisfied that I did it because if I hadn't, I would have always thought that I should have. Now I can enjoy wearing the dress knowing I did what I could and that I am not going to do any more.

Here are some more pictures I took after the hem was done since the lighting was better than the first day I went out.
Also, no striped tights. Better, no?

Thanks for coming along on the journey!

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