Saturday, July 2, 2016

Block 27: Chicken Foot

This week's block is the Chicken Foot block. The picture on the left is the first quadrant of the block that I finished. (That was from Instagram. Yes, I'm on Instagram now. You can follow if you want sneak peeks of projects I'm working on. I resist posting pictures of the finished project, though. I do that right here on this blog.)

The block had a lot of half square triangle units and when I was cutting the fabric, I decided that I would cut the squares a little bigger and get two HST squares from each, instead of just one. So I did the math, cut the pieces and made a note to myself so I would remember when it was time to sew this block. So far so good.

Once all the HSTs were sewn, cut apart and pressed, it became apparent that they were far too large. I don't know if it was my math or a bad formula but all of them were a nice 2" instead of the 1.5" they should have been. (The fact that they were all consistent was not a comfort.)

So, I cut all 16 of them down to the correct size and then had to resew the seam. I had hand stitched them so there was no just cutting the seam as you could do with machine stitching. So you could say I got twice the pleasure from sewing this block. :)

Here is the final block:
Yes, I think it looks a lot like the bear paw block (like this one I did for the fair last year). But that's ok. In this quilt, it's a chicken foot.

Here is the back:
It's a bit of a mess but I think I got it all pressed flat. I just read a blog post where someone tried the advice to use a hammer for a particular bulky and recalcitrant seam intersection! I didn't have to go that far.

Here are all the blocks in a mock layout:
And here is Kim's block:
The next block or two may be late. I'm going to see Kim the end of next week so we are going to save that block for when we see each other. (She has hers sewn; I plan to sew mine on the drive there.) And then I expect to be without internet for the week so I doubt I will be posting. But, don't worry, I'll get you all caught up as time allows.

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