Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mind your Ps and Cs (Peas and Carrots, that is)

My sister and I are up to block 14 of our quilts this week....the Peas and Carrots block.
I was delighted to work with these fabrics in this block. The colours are washed out somewhat in the picture, but the orange is bright and deep at the same time. The green has a lot of pop as well and then the background fabric is a perfect mix of green lines and orange berries (flowers?) to go with it.

You had to keep your wits about you (and the pattern close) to make sure all the half square triangles got put in the right place and in the right direction. The block is made up of four of these units:
 rotated around the centre.

Here is the back:
 There were a lot of seams to work out how to best press them.

And here are all the blocks so far:
 My quilt is getting bigger! :)
And here is Kim's block, also sporting a delightful orange.
Hers has a subtle plaid print that I really like in the "carrots". And her green is a lot more true-to-life than mine!

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