Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Projects, Mostly...

I have finished most of my holiday gift making. One thing is blocking and I'm going to do one more small project because someone mentioned they wanted something and I can make it. Well, other than those two things, I only made one other project. So I'm taking it pretty easy this year for holiday gifts.

Most years, at some point in December, I am struck by inspiration or lunacy and decide to make one more (or one more batch) of presents for co-workers or parents or someone. I think I'm going to be able to avoid that this year. There's enough else going on that I just don't feel up to it.

I still don't feel recovered from the haunted house season (which ended at Thanksgiving in November for me) and we are putting in more hours in on the house rebuild again. (That is a good thing!)

But I haven't completely stopped my creative endeavours. Here is a peek at the Christmas gift that's blocking:
Ok, you didn't really think I was going to show you, did you? Not this year.

And here is the other gift I made:
Ok, not showing that one either. Sorry, you'll have to wait until after Christmas. (It's a good one, too!)

I'm expecting my Christmas cards to be delivered on Monday so I can send them out next week. That is something I'll show you. Why not?

This is the cover:
I did the collage onto an 11x14 canvas I picked up from Goodwill. (Yes, it had a painting on it. No, it is not worse for having paper glued over it.)

I am not crazy about the colour that the paint wash became but I am trying to get over it because once done, I didn't see any way to fix it. I found the center picture of the world in a National Geographic and I printed the other two from images on the web. I had Troy make the star for me from copper wire.

I can't remember exactly what inspired it but I had the idea for the center phrase first. After that, I tried to think of carols that use the word "world" in them so I could do the same word play. Besides "Joy to the [world]", I couldn't think of another one that I liked as much, so I used the phrase "Peace on [earth]" instead.

One other project has been taking a lot of my available time and I hope to show it soon. I have to figure out how to get pictures first...

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