Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pennant Skirt - Finished!

This photo shows the colour best. The others
are overexposed so you can see the pattern
more clearly.
Last time I wrote about this skirt it was May 25 and I said you might not see it again for a while because I had a long way of straight knitting to get it done. I guess four months counts as a long time!

After the couple of false starts, the rest of the knitting went smoothly. I did not run out of yarn (yeah!) so I could just knit until I had the length I wanted and then finish. Sorry, no drama this time!
I finished the knitting by the end of June but didn't get the elastic encased in the waistband until the end of July.

By then it was hot so I anytime I even thought about putting this on for some pictures, I just couldn't bear it. But a couple Sundays ago it was cool enough for a fall outfit.

The skirt felt great. It is quite bulky and very warm, so definitely a winter skirt. (Unlike my zig zag skirt which is great for three seasons.)
You can see in this picture how the skirt increases in size from the fitted waist area to the area below the hips where it hangs straight down.

This was accomplished with two strategies: increasing the number of stitches periodically and increasing the needle size. Changing the needle size also makes a more firm fabric on top where you need it (you don't want loose stitches you can see through or fabric that won't hold its shape) and a slightly looser fabric with more drape on the bottom where you want it.
I finished the skirt off with Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. (I that I started using it, it comes in handy for everything!)

Although I find it to be a rather bulky bind off, I definitely wanted the stretch and thought that a heftier line on the bottom of the skirt would balance the project nicely.
This picture shows the skirt pulled down to rest more on my hips rather than my natural waist line. The stretchiness of the knit means I have options of how to wear it.

Project Stats
: 25 Apr '15
Finished: 27 Jun '15
Pattern: Pennant Pleated Skirt by Elanor Lynn (from Modern Knits, Vintage Style)
Materials: about a sweater's worth of worsted weight wool

My aunt told me her sister made her a skirt with this pattern when she was young. Considering I got the pattern from a book based on vintage styles, I guess that's not so unlikely; but I find it a delightful tie with the past.

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