Monday, August 3, 2015

Fair Results 2015

Without further ado, here are the results:

1. Sweater (adult): 3rd place
Out of three sweaters. The other two were nice though so no cause for insult there.

2. Vest (adult): 1st place
It beat out the yellow shell sitting right beside it. I thought the shell was pretty so I guess I win some, I lose some.

3. Pullover sweater (child): 1st place
Pictured above. It was the only child's pullover, (There was one child's cardigan, so I guess we both picked right.)

4. Hat and mitten set: 1st place
It beat out a hat and short cowl and an exquisite lace scarf that was paired with a garter. (Being in the wrong category, it didn't get any ribbon. Too bad really.)

5. Item from handspun: 1st place
Picture above. I'm sure it was the only item in the category as well, but they don't have to award ribbons...

6. Any other knitted item: 3rd place
Socks got first in this category this year. I never did find what got second. There was an arm-knit blanket though. I was wondering if any would make it into the fair this year. No ribbons for that one. (BTW, I think I have suggested it enough that the powers that be are considering my idea of adding a sock category and getting rid of the knitted blouse category. When I made her think about it, she couldn't even really imagine what a knitted blouse would be. Time for that category to go.)

7. Quilt-twin size-machine pieced-machine quilted: 1st place!
I'll put an exclamation point after that one. There were at  least three in this category. When I first walked into the building, I looked around the top of all the walls to survey the quilts hanging up--mine wasn't there. :disappoinment: But then I saw it hanging behind the afghans. Yeah!

8. Raffle quilt block: not on the quilt (top 20) but made into a pillow. (#4, so I think that means I placed 24th)
Mine is the bottom left
But not on the "reject wall" so that is better than last year.

If you want to put in a bid, let me know and I'll see if I can submit it for you. (The pillows are sold on a silent auction basis. The money all supports the Home Arts building and projects.)

9. Canning-tomato juice: 1st place!
My jar is on the third shelf just right of centre, if you care to look for it. I thought this way you could get an idea of how the canning is displayed.

I was so busy managing the jars and helping the judges that I didn't notice I got first until I recorded the results in the book!! They did notice the seeds I was worried about, but there were problems with the other jars too.

10. Photograph b/w-animal: no place
Once again my picture was turned sideways, but I straightened her out later in the night. I think a picture of a butterfly won this category. Is a butterfly an "animal"? Of course third place looks to be a picture of a bird, and there is a separate bird category. Sloppy.

10. Photograph colour-animal: no place
It looks like my picture got grand champion, but actually it got nothing. I think it also lost to a butterfly. :shrugs:

I left the fair grounds on Saturday a little dejected because I could already tell that my quilt block wasn't on the quilt. But writing up a summary like this, it's starting to feel like I did pretty well. I remember last year a good percentage of my ribbons were in photography and not craft. It looks like I turned that on its head this year. :)

And now it's time for bed. I managed to stay awake to write this (I knew you were waiting to find out) but now I've got to sleep...

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