Sunday, February 1, 2015

Taking Your Knitting With You

I spent most of this weekend at my sister's celebrating her "big" birthday. (Ok, I'll tell you--it was 50.) We had a very fun time of it and I still had time for a little knitting.

I worked on the second pair of striped socks I made from my Lorna's Laces leftovers. I finished the first sock before going, so the second one was just a matter of matching stripes. I took it along to homecoming at my nephew's high school:
He was playing in the pep band. He spent his spare time trying to avoid his mother and her four sisters!

By the end of the night I had the second one done and all the ends worked in--no small feat!
The socks are 6.75" and I used up all the leftovers except the red. It worked out pretty well.

Now don't you fret--I had brought more yarn so I could start the next pair!
This was a beautiful wool I raveled from a sweater some time ago. I just did the two sleeves because I used the front and back for pillows. I thought the sleeves would be just right for socks. For Wool-Aid, I am working with the yarn doubled.

I decided to do a broken rib on this pair, just for something a little different:
I worked on this during our breaks between activities on Saturday, and also while waiting for my sister to get some necessities like ice cream...
By the time I left, I had the gusset done and most of the heel:
The wool is wonderful to work with and has quite a tight twist which should make it more durable. Once the heel is done, I'll continue the broken rib all around the leg.

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