Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fair Results (2014)

Here we go...are you ready?

I took a look around the Home Arts building before I worked my shift on Monday night. I'll show you my entries in the same order as before...

1. Pullover: Third place.
I think there were three sweaters, so last place. I won't show you second place, but I'll just say I'd rather have this with a white ribbon than that one with a grand champion ribbon. :)

I didn't really think the fair judges were ready for this. But I did rearrange some of the displays while I was there to show off some items better, and this was one of them. Spread it out a bit so people could see it. (I did the same thing for the second place sweater, in case you think I'm playing favourites. It was blocked by a pillow and that just isn't right.)

2. Vest/Shell: Second place.
It's hard to see the ribbon from this angle, but I promise you there's a red one on there.

3. Blouse: First place.
Looked like there were two in this category.

4. Hat/Scarf set: Second place
You can see the first place set just to the left of mine. It was a finer weight and the scarf was longer. I don't know if that's why it won. I also forgot to mention on the entry card that I hand dyed the purple. I don't know if that would have made any difference.

5. Other knitted item: No place.
There were four pairs of socks and no ribbons on any of them. I believe the winner in this category is the scarf hanging to the left of my "blouse" in #3 above.

Four pairs of socks though...I really think they need a sock category.

6. Raffle Quilt Block: No place.
That's mine in the centre of the bottom row on the reject board. I'll get into this more in a future post.

7. Recycled item: First place.
I don't know if there were any other items in this category, but I'm glad they liked my purse enough to let it win.

I really like this category. I'll be thinking of what I can make for it next year. Maybe I'll finally get to that rain coat crocheted out of plastic bags.

8. Black and White Head or Figure: Second place.
Nice ribbon for a cute baby! Um, but why is it sideways on the shelf? Apparently it's a magic baby that can sleep on walls. :sigh:

9. Black and White Landscape: No place.
I'm kind of glad this didn't place because after I had it all ready to enter, I realized it wasn't really black and white. The scene has mostly whites and greys in it, but there is red on the barn. (That's why the red frame looked so good.) I don't know if the judge noticed that and disqualified it or if he just didn't like it. (There was no comment on the card.)

10. Black and White Still Life: First place.
Wow! I did not expect this.

While working the canning table, I was "spying" on the photography judging. I'm pretty sure this one was one of the last two up for Grand Champion of black and white. I overhead something about liking simplicity but something/something in the other picture beat it out. (I think that's the Grand Champion just below it--the one with the big purple ribbon.)

11. Figure or Head: No place.
I'm a little sad this one didn't do better. I really like it. Once again, it's sideways...same magic baby, I guess.

12. Landscape: No place.

13. Seascape: First place.
I am really surprised by this one! But I won't argue. :)

14. Abstract: First place.
Again, wow! I don't how many were in the category, but there were some others. (I watch them stacking up the pictures as they check them in and sort them.)

Once again, the picture is sideways. Gah.

15. Animal: No place.

16. Birds: Third place.
I'm also surprised by this one. Nice!

All in all, I think I would have liked to do a little better with my crafty items, and am surprised how well I did in photography.

This is the second year that they required people to use an 8x10 frame and I think the display looks much better. I also noticed that more people are submitting larger pictures (no more 4x6 snapshots) and better quality pictures. I really enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures on Monday night.

Another thing I enjoyed doing was turning my three pictures upside right. I had to find a ladder for one, but I was determined. I looked closely and found one other picture that was on its side. Three out of four were mine...should I take that personally???


  1. Well done! I'm with you on the need for a sock category...can't believe those beautiful elephants didn't place.

    1. Thanks. Yes, well, there's no figuring out these judges. (But I hear that from a lot of people who enter competitions like this.)

  2. We loved seeing your work at the fair.


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