Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ravellenic Games 2014 Report: Day 4

Still no medals showing up on Ravelry, so I will share progress without showing off the bling.

I started the rainbow hat to match my cowl on Sunday. I cast on an extra repeat to make it wider than the cowl; that made it 96 stitches instead of 84.

I ran out of the purple before I expected so I only did one "cross over" row with it. But since I used it for the band, the colour stripes all evened out. From there I progressed through the same colours as the cowl, doing three repeats of the stitch pattern instead of two. I really didn't want a short hat.
When I got to the red, I realized I was in danger of making the hat too long, so I only did one cross-over row and started into some garter ridges:
I started the decreases on the last orange row and hurried them along, decreasing eight stitches on every row through the red (instead of the usual every second row). Before blocking it didn't look pretty as the fabric was gathered in rather quickly, but in this case it did actually "block out."
Probably how I will wear the hat--pulled
down way low. Because I'm always looking
for a little bit warmer!
That will garner me medals in the Hat Half-Pipe, Cable Cross-Country, Nordic Colourwork Combined, and Stash Skeleton.
I really enjoy the names Malabrigo gives its yarns, and if you use them this rainbow is not ROY G BIV, but
     Ravelry Red
     Glazed Carrot
     Blue Surf
     Holly Hock

Sounds yummy to me!

Games Update Tuesday, Feb 11:
1. Rainbow Cowl DONE!
2. Rainbow Hat DONE!
3. & 4. Ravel Sweater 1 and Sweater 2
5. Dye Green Yarn (purchased Koolaid packs needed)
6. Spinning DONE!
7. Woven Band
8. Baby Bib (shower now postponed until Mar 3 from Feb 15, so not quite as urgent)

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