Wednesday, July 24, 2013

County Fair Time!

Yes, did you know? The Cass County fair is coming up!

You can see I'm getting things ready:

(Two of those things blocking are for the fair. The other two were from Goodwill. The white one will most likely be harvested for its fluffy wool/angora/nylon blend yarn. It's brioche stitch--I'm sure there's two sweaters' worth of yarn in there. And white, so maybe I'll finally get around to trying some dyeing. The green one is for wearing. Cashmere, because you know, that's how I go.)

Anyway, back to the fair. I'm helping on Saturday morning again as things are checked in for judging. I think this is my third year.

And I'll be entering a bunch of my own stuff, too, of course. More details to be forth-coming.

Meanwhile, if you're local, check your calendars for when you can come to the fair. Public can start coming on Monday (the 29th) and keep coming til Saturday (the 3rd). More details about the schedule of events and everything else on the fair's website.

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