Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Which My Enthusiasm Runs Away with Me

Last time you saw the brown "shell" I'm knitting, progress had made it to the waist. In the week since then, I have finished the hip increases and the fold-under hem at the bottom. Then I added an edging around the arms. (As far as I can tell, there's none written in the pattern, but the stockingnette stitch curls under terribly.)

Tonight I finished sewing the hem in place and managed to get it blocked:
Lovely, no? Well, wait, something doesn't seem right... After I was done casting off the bottom, I looked at the pattern again to double check (again) about the arm trim. And wait, what do I see here?
This is the picture from the pattern. The lovely lace that I really liked, and wanted to do, even in dark brown, is somehow absent from my finished piece. I realized I thought I knew what was coming in the pattern and after I got the front and back all put together and the horizontal band done, I just raced on down to the bottom. And I raced right past all that lace!

I'm pretty bummed. I had brief thoughts about ripping it all out. And I had an even briefer thought about just ripping the front section back and trying to knit up just that section. (It would be a nightmare.)

So I will live with it. And try to remember next time that if I want to follow a pattern, I should actually read it.

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