Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lace Coat Progress

I've made good progress on the Vogue Lace Coat. Here is a shot of the skirt from a couple weeks ago:
Last time I wrote about it, the bottom band and ruffle were done, but I still had to pick up stitches all along the length and start knitting the skirt up from there.

In these pictures, I'm in the middle of the fifth repeat of the pattern. The pattern called for six repeats, but I went ahead and did seven. (Since I bought an extra skein of the yarn, I can do this without fear!)

It was looking a little short--even though I know it will block longer--and I am taller than average. If I were to err, I would rather do it on the long side. I still don't expect it to be past my knees. (We'll see.)

From there I had to do the waistband, which is the same lace pattern as the bottom band (minus the ruffle). You leave the skirt stitches live on the needle, cast on the stitches for the waistband, and then make your way across, knitting one stitch from the skirt together with one from the band on every other row.

When I cast on the stitches for the waistband I did the same trick as before and did a provisional cast on:

Later I can take out the waste string and either cast off the stitches to the tension of my liking, or use the stitches live to knit the narrow button band that comes later.

Similarly, I did not cast off the stitches at the end of the waistband, but put them onto a stitch holder:
They are patiently waiting for me to decide whether to cast them off or use them live for the band. (Obviously I will do the same on each side, but I'm not sure which way to go yet.)

Up next are the sleeves, and I've been taking a little break from lace charts before I do that. One day I almost started them, but when I realized I first have to wind another skein of the yarn (875 yards!) it was enough to deter me. The sleeve lace pattern is not charted but written up in row-by-row instructions (which I hate), so I'm also deciding whether it's worth making my own chart again. (I know, I know, it is. But I don't feel like it yet.)

So there you have it. I feel like I am making good progress and will certainly have it done in time for Squam in June. Most likely, I will have it done to wear for the first nice spring weather. What a lovely thought.

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