Sunday, September 2, 2012

Filler Project (or, My Own Stitch n Pitch)

I mentioned in my last post that the commissioned sweater is soaking up all my knitting time at home. But that still means I need projects I can take with me.

I had either finished up or gotten stuck on several things and actually had nothing to bring to church last week. That's a long ride without any sticks in my hands!!

On Tuesday, the student worker at our office was singing the anthem at the local minor league baseball game, and the whole office was going. There was no way I was going to a baseball game without some knitting!

I looked at several skeins of sock yarn that I have but didn't really have time to search out a pattern. I had the yarn from the U.P. that is going to turn into plain socks, but I want to do them two-at-a-time with the magic loop "method." And I don't have a cable needle that will work for that. So I dove a little deeper, and came up with this yarn--two black and white balls and a red one from the same company:

As soon as I saw them at the Red Purl "Green Sale" last spring, I knew what they had to be (and that I had to do it)!

So I grabbed the yarn, grabbed my most used size of sock needles and was all set.

I had one person ask me if these were socks for an adult, so I will show you:
Yes, they fit my foot. I got as far as the paperclip that night during the game, and have done a little bit since then. Now I'm about at the point where I have to start the gusset. Then I have to figure out the heel. Even though my new favourite is a flap style, I think I'm going to have to do a short-row heel to make the red look right.

Meanwhile, I had a good time at the game. Impressed my boss with my baseball knowledge and he got to instruct me on what a "hit and run" was. He agreed when I said it should rightfully be called a run and hit, but that is not as catchy. And the anthem? It went great; she did a fantastic job!

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