Sunday, June 24, 2012

One for You, One for Me

A sudden mood of "getting things done" came upon me today, and one of the things I applied it to was some sewing projects that have been piling up.

I started with the hem on a hanging that is used in church during Holy Week (the week before Easter). It was given to me after being used this year, and I was told it didn't need to be back until next year. I thought I'd beat the deadline. :)
I used a standard blind hem (I just love that stitch.)

That's one for "you."

Next I decided to tackle a belt I bought a while ago that was just too big to use. I was always reaching for it as if it would fit this time, and then realizing that no it still didn't.
Then one day I noticed that there was a second set of grommets a little further back and it occurred to me that this belt was made to be adjustable. So I cut the buckle out of its original location and moved it to the back grommets:
Turned out great and fits like a glove! (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

That's one for me.

Next up was a pillow cover for someone at church. (Long story version--someone else at church approached me about this sewing project because she had agreed to do it but it wasn't getting done, and it had been a long time and she was feeling guilty. I know that feeling. So I said I would give it a go.)

I think it turned out nicely:
I was given a sample to follow so I could just make it the same size. It's one of those covers that just overlaps in the back (no zippers or buttons). I was given a cotton dress to use and I used the trim along the hem for the edges.

That's two for "you."

And then I finally mended a long sleeve T I had gotten from somewhere and then noticed that it had several holes in the sleeve seam.
A few hits with the sewing machine took care of that.

That two for me.

Having gotten all those projects out of the way, I started to play with the block for the county fair. I'll talk more about that another time...

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