Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Ready for some pictures? I've got a number to show you!

I finished my "Big Bias Collar T" a number of weeks ago. Although I was happy with the fit, I wasn't very happy with the collar. Even as I was making it I knew it was going to be tricky to get right.

After blocking the sweater, I didn't dare wear it. The collar wasn't right. But as time went by and I didn't make time to block it again, I couldn't wait and wore it anyway. Twice.
People were kind and made nice comments. They noticed it was new (it's kind of hard to miss in that bright colour!) and said it looked good even when I said I felt like an extra from the Jetsons.
The sleeves were also a little narrow. I really needed to re-block it and try again.

Second go was a big success!! Instead of blocking the collar straight out, I laid it flat. Here's a little comparison. (Yes the pose is a little goofy but I wanted to make sure you got a good view of the collar.)
I hope it's obvious that on the left we have a Jetsons outfit and on the right we have a wonderfully draping shawl-like collar. Blocking it this way lets bias fabric of the collar work for you instead of against you.

Here, have a few more pictures:

So. Much. Better.

Another issue I was worried about was the itchiness of the wool. I think I mentioned that before.

The first time I tried it on (before it was even done), I almost exploded from the itchiness. The ladies at Red Purl encouraged me by saying that this wool is known for getting softer with each washing. So perhaps it was a good thing I had to block it twice.

Much as I trust the ladies at Red Purl, I went ahead and found something to wear under the shirt. The wide collar keeps it away from my neck (=very sensitive skin) and the shirt underneath keeps it away from my tummy (=also sensitive skin). My arms don't seem to mind at all.

Speaking of, the second blocking allowed me to stretch the sleeves a little wider and they fit better now too.

More pics just for fun...
Project Stats
: 11 Feb '12
Finished: 13 Mar '12
Pattern: Seberg by  Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark ($7.19)
Materials: Peace Fleece Worsted 3-1/3 skeins in Perestroika Pink, 1/2 skein Antartica White ($28.50)

I can also add that this shirt is very warm. I wore it out on Saturday without a jacket and was surprised at just how chilly a sunny day could be. However, whatever was under the shirt stayed quite toasty while anything out of the shirt was way too chilly. For some this would be a bad thing in a tshirt. For me who is always cold, it is perfect.

P.S.: In case some of you were wondering, I did have enough yarn after ordering the extra ball--I only used about a third of it. The colour matched perfectly which isn't always the case even within the same dye lot. But lucky me, it all worked out great!

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  1. I just finished sewing the ends into my Seburg. I knew I wasn't going to be happy with the neck. After reading your post I'll try blocking it your way. It just seems too big for the garment. Thanks for the advice.


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