Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quilting with Tile

I've been working on the tile back splash in my kitchen. I got one wall up:
and today it was time for the detail I want to have above the stove.

I've been approaching this whole tile project from the perspective of a quilter so today I pulled out my ruler and marking tool:
and my pattern:
and my "rotary cutter":
and my squares of "fabric":
and got to work!

First to mark several tiles on the diagonal using the quilting tool made just for this purpose:
Then it was time to cut on the line:
(I know in traditional quilting there can be a lot of loose threads and an occasional rogue pin on the floor, but I have to say it's still a lot less messy!)

The next piece required marking on both sides of the ruler
along the diagonal:
I used the triangles from the white and the center strip from the green to make the stem. It's usually done in the same fabric as the leaf, but I had bought green tiles to try out the colour and decided to use one since I had it.

When I put it all together I had this:
Not bad, right?

Well, when I drew a square on the wall where it was going to go, the square shape really didn't look good--it needed to be a rectangle.

So I cut a few more white squares and added some red (I need to buy two more), and put on a mitered border, and got this mocked up:
If you fill in the missing pieces, does this remind you of anything??

Yes, I'm going to have a quilty rendition of the Canadian flag on my wall. This makes me giggle. hee hee.

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