Friday, November 18, 2011


Now that Friday has rolled around again, I have time to share what I did last Friday.

A woman in my church has opened up her home once a month for a "UFO" night with the bonus that she will teach you how to make several styles of cards if you want. She has a lot of paper craft/scrapping toys, I mean tools and is willing to share. (She has come to my aid in the past as well when I needed a little something cut or made.)

Here is a sample of one of the cards they made last week:
Isn't that pretty! And they did three or four different ones in a night.

But you can bring whatever you want with you. One woman was removing old pictures from frames for a friend of hers who moved to a much smaller place and can't hang them on the walls.
She's going to arrange them in an album so her friend can still enjoy them.

Someone else was working on entering recipes into one of those searchable recipe programs.

And what did I bring along? My super-sized UFO--the old Kentucky quilt top:
I haven't done much (any?) on it since the last time I wrote about it, but I decided it was just the thing to throw in a bag with some supplies and take with me. (If only I had remembered to throw in a thimble--my finger was pretty ripped up by the end of the night. Ow!)

The flower I worked on was this one:
It was fairly thick cotton and working over some of the seam was pretty tough. But I got it done in the evening. My stitches still are large and amateur:
but like I said last time, I enjoy it. And I put this picture up for all of you out there who feel bad about your stitches and are unwilling to show them. It's ok! You can also see in this picture that the centre of this flower will never sit flat. The piece was not cut out or seamed correctly. It's a fun little wonky quilt.

So I now have four flowers done out of 64. 60 left to go. If we keep meeting monthly, the flowers will be done in five years...

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  1. I have UFO's also, and getting them done one by one. I send them off to a machine quilter!

    The quilt is lovely and if you are concerned about your stitches, don't be! You will be done and enjoying it!


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