Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project Spectrum: September into October

I got so excited about Socktober, I forgot to wrap up last month's colour for Project Spectrum. September was all about yellow (and gold, copper, and bronze). I didn't work with any of those colours in my projects (I didn't even do a single yellow square in my Kaffe quilt-shame on me), but my surroundings have been full of it.

There was the goldenrod that filled half of our field.
As I drive home, I pass the five acres we have along the road and survey it each day.The goldenrod put on quite a show. I watched it fade from bright yellow to soft gold.

The corn fields around us (none of which I own) did the same fade from bright green to soft white-ish gold.

The corn itself, on the other hand, turned a very solid yellow gold.

A little closer to home, the "fake" sunflowers I have finally bloomed this month. They grow like bushes and have small sunflower-like blooms that run up and down very tall stalks. The bees really like them,
 as did this butterfly:
In another bed, the nasturtiums really took off (and took over). The leaves were taller than the flowers so you had to do some searching for the blooms!

And the trees started their turning this month. Although the bright reds and oranges are the real attention getters, I also love the fluorescent lime yellow green that some maples achieve.
When they catch a little sun, I think they positively glow with life.

October celebrates the colour cyan/aqua. That is a very foreign colour to me. I honestly surveyed every single folder of pictures I have and came up with only a few paltry examples that might come close to cyan. I have a lot of blue, but that is not the same!

So, for a preview, I give you:
Clockwise from top left: aquarium at Disney World I have completely blocked from my memory; old thermometer I bought for Troy; beach in the Dominican (the blue sky dominates the space but I think the aqua sea is a scene stealer); one of the shawls I knit for my sister's wedding (being modeled by my niece); Antonio and Gertrude, made by my father-in-law.

I am not too comfortable with this colour and find it difficult to even describe. We'll see what I come up with over the next month...

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