Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guess What I Got Done!

Yup, that would be my Making Waves Cardigan!! It is so perfect I want to wear it even though we are having a heat wave. (It is so warm out, I actually am deciding not to.) Just a few degrees lower, though, and I will be rocking it with a pair of shorts...
Yeah, kind of like that.

I mentioned that I blocked it the other day. That went very well with the blocking wires. I did end up having to steam the side seams flat. The hem got a crease blocked into it at the side seams and it stuck out funny when I was wearing it. A little steam took care of it though.

The fabric is light and airy but still warm. I think it will be perfect in cool air conditioned places and on summer evenings. Not right now though. It really is stinking hot. Whew!!

I got the clasps in the mail on Tuesday and sewed them on that night. They're not real metal and are very light weight.
That's a good thing with this fabric because it wouldn't be able to support anything heavier. I ordered four and thought I was going to use them all, but two seemed enough. I think they are sweet without being cutesy.

I don't have too much else to write about the final project
so I will let the pictures speak for me.

So happy to have it done!! So happy with it!!

Now for a little cooler weather, please?

Project Stats
: 30 Apr '11
Finished: 18 Jul '11
Pattern: Making Waves by Mary Annarella ($6)
Materials: Fleece Artist Saldanha Two, 1 skein Ruby ($31.80); 2 petit fleur clasps ($4.50)

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