Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Walk

That's what they're calling it now: Help fight AIDS by joining "The Walk." When I started doing this (back in 1995 in Halifax, NS), it was called the AIDS Walk. It's also been called the "Stop AIDS Walk." That one's my favourite.

But whatever you call it, that time of year has rolled around again. I am walking in the Michigan area AIDS Walk "The Walk" to raise money for AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist of Northern Indiana. They focus on prevention but also help with referrals (housing and medicine mostly) and support for people affected with HIV and AIDS.

Knitting on the Walk, 2010
Last year for the first time, I made a prize for a randomly drawn person from my sponsors list. I debated and debated this year about whether I could add one more project right now. And then I said, "Bring it on!" So I brought it!

I decided to knit a pair of slippers. They will be given to one of my sponsors. If you would like to be on the list, please send me an email (it's near the top right of this page). I figured something for your feet for giving to a walk would be appropriate.

I looked and looked for a pattern. Something [more or less] unisex; something simple (so I could knit it on the Walk itself--that's my favourite part of all this!); something fast. (I did say, "Bring it." but don't bring too much!)

I settled for a pattern called Slippers Triangle Socks (which I have to say is not a very well thought out name). Triangle Square Slippers would be more apt. Essentially you knit a bias square and then fold it in half to make a triangle and do some sewing. Presto - origami - chango you have a slipper.

Today I was at a seminar all day and managed to knit one. (Really it was one and a half because it came out too large the first time and I had to rip out half of it at lunch. That really confused my tablemates who 1. couldn't figure out what I was making in the first place and 2. really couldn't figure out why part of it seemed missing after lunch!) P.S. I'm really glad my boss who paid for the seminar "doesn't believe in the internet" and thus will never read this. (Seriously, I listened very well, took notes and even participated--so there!)

I have to say the slipper looks a little...odd. Like many things made with bias fabric, it needs to be worn to really be appreciated. On the plus side, it feels good on, will be really warm, and the bias will stretch to accommodate a wide variety of sizes.

In the interest of full disclosure I should also admit that I am making them out of acrylic. I don't know who will be getting these slippers and I would rather give acrylic to someone who appreciates wool than give wool to someone who would treat it like acrylic. So wash, wear, repeat to your heart's content!!

Don't forget, the Walk is Sunday, May 1. Email me if you'd like to sponsor me. I love sponsors!!

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