Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shawl: Half Finished but All Broken In

This past weekend I witnessed my niece's lovely wedding. This gave me an opportunity to wear my Belinda shawl. Even half-done, it performed just fine: looked great and kept me warm.

The big question was...how to wear it? Flipping it over one shoulder
didn't work too well as it wouldn't stay up, and isn't substantial enough to hold a clip, pin, or broach. (Plus it covers up my lovely necklace this way.)

I considered pinning it behind me
so that it would give both horizontal and vertical stripes, in their turns. But this was a little constrictive.

Of course wearing it like this:
wouldn't keep me warm at all. (And my arms tire quickly.)

In the end, I just pulled it over my shoulders and let it hang how it wanted to hang.
Here I'm pulling it to show off the stripes, but you get the idea, I'm sure.

The wrap blocked beautifully; it was nice and flat and the perfect size. The mohair was so soft, light, and warm. (It was quite a breezy day so I was very grateful for that.)

It didn't get quite the "wow" response you might expect. (Or I might expect. I'm impressed by it...why isn't everybody?! hee hee) A couple people commented, but not a lot. I'm thinking there were a couple reasons:
1. It was a big, busy day and people had other things to worry about. Guess what...it wasn't about me; and that's ok--not my wedding.
2. I'm not sure it's obvious to many that the stripes are not made in the usual way. My one sister (who does knit) even assumed the rows were perpendicular to how they actually are. If she can make that mistake, lots of people can. Or...
3. I had already completely bowled them all over showing off my Whistler sweater, new purse, and purple mohair lace T that they were unable to be impressed any more. Knitting Admiration Overload. Yeah, that must be it.

And to think, I still have to knit the other layer. That might really set the heads spinning.

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  1. Always impressed - The wrap is beautiful!


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