Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring to Finish

spring to finish big
I have jumped onto a challenge going at Jacquie's blog Tallgrass Prairie Studio that she's calling, "Spring to Finish." Commit yourself to finishing specific projects by May 31. Give yourself rewards if you get them done. Report back and get a chance to win a prize. (You know how I love prizes!)

I'm thinking of it as spring cleaning for my WIPs and UFOs. Clear off the "things I've started" list to be able to do more off the "things I want to start" list!

Putting the list out there, publicly, can really help to focus your attention on what you want to accomplish. And ticking things off the list can be very motivating and affirming. So I'm joining in...but I have to say, assigning myself a reward is really hard. I don't work well with rewards. (Prizes, yes; rewards, no...hmmm that seems contradictory.) I usually find rewards a little too manipulative--I'll do something because I want to, or because I think I need to, or not at all. But trying to get into the spirit of the challenge, let's see what I can come up with...

The "spring to finish" list:

1. Knitting: I've got a record number of projects on the needles. But the time to finish them is ripe.

a. Odds and Sods socks
The socks I started for the class I taught on the Hat Heel sock. I've held the second class (it went very well, thank you) and now can whip through the second sock that I had been holding off.

Reward: warm feet, of course! (Ok, that wasn't so hard...)

b. Cabled fingerless mittens
for the Stop AIDS Walk prize. These will get done on or shortly after the Walk on May 2. (You still have time to sponsor me to get a chance to win them. Email me.)

Reward: I'm going to really enjoy pulling the winning name and seeing who is going to receive these mittens. (I like giving prizes almost as much as winning them!)

c. Whistler
This sweater has been very patient, but it's just time to get it done. I just need a rainy weekend or two...

Reward: tough one...I would say the final project is the reward, but I don't think that's what Jacquie had in mind. I know! An extra night at Red Purl. (Then I can show it off too! See how sneaky I am?)

d. Purple mohair T
This is buzzing right along. It's seems well suited to taking with me and working on it during lunch breaks. I originally hoped to wear it this spring, and it looks like I may be able to!

Reward: Finally getting to wear the skirt I bought last fall to wear with it.

2. Quilting
The county fair quilt block. Time to stop thinking about it and get it done. I hope May's quilt day will afford me the time to work on it.

Reward: This is a delayed reward, but I'm still hoping for a ribbon. (Will it be blue??)

3. Sewing
a. Purse
I need to line, attach handles, and install a clasp in a purse I knit. I hope to visit the person who spun/dyed the yarn in June, so I'd like to have the purse done to take with me. (Plus I'll be seeing the person who bought me the yarn--thanks, Mom!--so I'd like to show her too!)

Reward: I plan to buy lots of goodies when I visit this person's farm/shop.

b. Tablecloths I agreed to sew for my church for special events. Two of four are done--time to make that four of four.

Reward: a Snickers bar. Ok, so I'm running out of reward ideas, but I really love Snickers bars and don't eat them often. Maybe I'll really splurge and get myself an almond Snickers bar.

4. Other life
It would be really sweet to finish the siding on Troy's shop by May 31 too. Let's see...we can do up to five pieces in an afternoon...we have about 30 pieces to that's about 6 sessions. We have 7 possible workdays between now and May 31, so I guess we'll have to hope for a few sunny weekends...

Reward: I think burger and fries from the great place down the road will do.

It's becoming apparent that I could go on and on with things I'd like to have done, but I think keeping this focused is the key. And I do only have 38 more days in which to get this list done...gulp!

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