Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bib Bib Bib

You saw the middle bib previously, but now I have two to add to the pile. Let's hope the coming baby is a girl!

The second bib I made is on the right; a lot like the first but not on the bias. The one on the left is done in a 3x3 pattern without the eyelet border. I topped it off with a garter band with the eyelets because they double as buttonholes. Putting in a row of eyelets makes the strap length adjustable: you can put the button through which ever hole works!

Yarn used is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids in the suitably titled color, Baby Pink. I started the first bib in early March and finished the final one by the end of April. A lot of the knitting was accomplished on a trip home to Canada in late March. (I had someone else to drive--I love when that works out!) And the last two sat around for a while before I finally finished them with a button.

I got the buttons on two separate visits to the bead shop I like. They have a lot of odds and ends available for sale, including miscellaneous buttons. (I love fishing through bowls of stuff finding that one item that works.) I like how these buttons look like they match but aren't an actual set.

They add just that right touch of Too Much Pink! If the people I'm thinking of do have a girl, they'd just better get ready for it! And I am here to help them do just that.

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