Monday, December 29, 2008

Reindeer Cookies for Young Kids

I had some fun with the young nieces and nephews for about 20 minutes (and that's about all I can count on with any one activity) making these "reindeer" cookies. This is the reindeer you get when you can't find the specific cookies or pretzels that the instructions call for. But all that doesn't matter when the kids are having fun.

They're so proud of their creations.

My favourite part has to be the fact that their parents have to take at least one and either eat it or pretend to...(hee hee)
If you want to make these cookies with your little ones (or the little ones of those around you), just gather some candies for the eyes and nose, an appropriate cookie for the face, and some type of pretzel for the antlers. Use icing gel to put everything together. Assemble. Display. And enjoy.

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