Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Yarn Eater is Hungry

...and it is eating up the yarn! It's also growing like crazy. I'm remembering the fun of doing a project in big, bulky yarns!

By Sunday, I had the collar done and started the yoke increases and the second stripe of colour. After the mix that I showed you in the swatch, I used my hand spun and a Malabrigo yarn that looked almost the same. (I didn't hold them together--I alternated them.)

My hand spun was not great to work with and was so overspun that I literally untwisted it as I worked. (Occasionally I would tie the yarn to the ball and let it dangle so all the trapped twist would spin out.)
When I had enough a wide enough stripe of that colour, I had to consider my next stripe. I wasn't convinced of the combination I was considering, so I actually swatched. You can see I tried a few variations (on the right in the picture above). I turns out the sock yarn I thought would work just had too much pink in it. Out it went!
Like in the turtle neck, I am stranding several yarns: green Malabrigo worsted, two strands of leftover brown sock yarn from my Anniversary socks, and the same pale yellow as in the turtle neck. Except I'm starting to run out of the pale yellow, so I'm alternating it with another scrap yellow I had. Hopefully I will have enough between the two of them to finish the stripe. If not, I will have to make something else up!

I am now down to the point of dividing for the sleeves (pictured above). This thing is going to be huge. Not so much oversized, but thick and plush. I don't know how often I'll wear it, but when I do, I'm sure I will love it: it is so big and cushy. Mmmmm. Like a big cocoon I can wrap myself up in!

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